Hawaii Exterior Wood & Deck Staining Services

Hawaii Exterior Wood & Deck Staining Services

How To Choose The Right Exterior Wood Stain For Your Hawaii Home

Understanding the different types of stains, color of the stain and opacity makes a huge difference and should be considered when choosing a finish.

Stain transparencies range from transparent, semi-transparent, to semi solid stains will vary your wood’s grain visibility and natural color obscurity. All stains will protect your wood.

Deciding what you want for your home deck or siding can get complicated and complex, that’s what we’re here for. We, Freshcoat Painting Hawaii, will help you choose the best finish for your home’s wood based on what look you are shooting for.

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Our experience and expertise in preparing your home’s wood deck and/or siding will assure a beautiful finish after we stain your home’s accents.

To ensure the best outcome for your home’s stain job, here are some things to keep in mind before having us do the job:

The best time to have your Hawaii home’s deck, siding, or outdoor furniture stained is in moderately warm temperature, between 50 to 95 degrees fahrenheit, low to average humidity, and a low chance of rain in the weather forecasts. Surfaces to be stained should be dry for at least 3 consecutive days before we start the project.

We’ll never cut corners when working on your home. We use the proper tools and practice the essential processes, like proper surface preparation, to ensure your wood grain surfaces come out prime and protected.

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