Hawaii Exterior Home Painting

Hawaii Exterior Home Painting

Whether your home is newly built or you just moved in, painting the exterior of your house is one of the first steps you can take to make your house a “home”.

Painting your home is one of the more cost effective things that you can get done that will have a huge impact to your home’s feel and added value.

Freshcoat Painting Hawaii has been helping out families for over 20 years to rejuvenate their Hawaii house with a “paint-lift”.

Typically, every 5 years a home is due for an exterior paint job depending on the climate, usual wear and tear, care, and nature’s elements.

Our skill, process, and experience ensures your home’s exterior paint lasts as long as possible.

Exterior paint job to exterior paint job we do it all from Winter to the Fall.

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1. We are proficient in using proper painting equipment and technique to ensure the highest quality exterior paint job for your Hawaii home. We want to make dreams come true not nightmares.

2. It’s in the process and love for what we do. We don’t cut corners, unlike many other careless painters. We paint your home like it’s our own.

3. It’s also about what we didn’t do. We won’t leave your home a mess after we fulfill your home’s paint project. We will paint your home efficiently with minimal splatters and overspray. We would’t want that on our own home, so we don’t do it to yours.

4. Free estimated and consultation  We’ll help you mock up paint samples for your home to get the right color combination(s) to make for your perfect home.

5. We work with homeowners and property investors alike. There’s not much difference whether we paint you personal Hawaii home or an investment property, we’ll partner with you giving the same service and quality paint jobs always.

Call us today at (808) 425-9262 for a free estimate on you Oahu exterior painting needs. Or, simply fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll contact you very soon. Mahalo!