Why Does Paint Bubble, Crack, Or Peel?

If you’re planning on buying a new property or repaint your old ones, then there are some things you need to keep in mind. The health of the paint on your house says a lot about its history. Most homeowners choose to repaint their properties when they notice that the paint is chipping or peeling off. When paint starts to bubble or crack, it can leave your house with an unsightly appearance. But what causes this? Let’s find out.

Blistering Or Bubbling Paint In Hawaii

Blistering Or Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint can make your house look diseased. It’s caused by the formation of air pockets underneath the paint surface. Blistering or bubbling is caused when the surface was dirty, hot, or damp while being painted. If you apply oil-based paint over a surface that has latex paint, it will start developing bubbles. If your walls have water damage, they can become damp. Moisture is known to be one of the primary causes of bubbling paint. Another reason why the paint has started to bubble is blister is termites. These pesky insects can damage the surface of your walls and ruin the paint.

Cracking Paint Service Hawaii

Cracking Paint

One of the biggest causes for paint to crack is the lack of primer. Priming your walls helps remove moisture, and it is important that walls be dry before you paint on them. Low quality paint is another culprit. Since they are cheaper, many homeowners choose them over others. However, lower prices means lower quality. Mixing paints may not be the best idea sometimes, especially if they are made of different things. Mixing oil-based paints with latex paints will not allow the paint to dry well afterward. Another factor that can lead to paint cracking is rushing the application. Although it is a tedious job, painting a house must be done meticulously. It is also important to allow the first coat of paint to dry completely before applying the second one.

Peeling Paint Service Hawaii

Paint Peeling

Moisture again is a major cause for paint to start peeling. Damp walls are the most common cause for bubbling and peeling paint. Dirty walls can also cause the paint to peel off. If the surface has dirt or bumps, the paint won’t be able to settle well on the walls.

How Can You Prevent Paint From Bubbling, Cracking, Or Peeling?

The best solution to prevent any issues with paint is to prime the surface of the walls before painting them. Paint sticks to primers much better than they would to the walls themselves. It’s also important to ensure that the walls are not damp. Check your walls for any water damage. Fix the damage and let the walls dry completely before you start painting.

Another important thing to keep in mind while painting your house is to remain patient through the process. It can be a lengthy and tedious task, but if you don’t allow the first coat of paint to dry thoroughly, it can lead to bubbling and cracking later. It is also a good idea to invest in high-quality paints. Even if they are more expensive, they will last longer and give your house a great finish.

If you have bubble, cracked, and/or peeling paint, it’s also probably time for a new paint. Call us, Freshcoat Painting Hawaii, at (808) 425-9262 for a free estimate and consultation. We’ll make your home look like new again!

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