Types Of Interior Paint Finishes

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Paints aren’t one-dimensional. There is actually a range of options that you can choose from and we aren’t even referring to the colors. You can even choose the kind of finish you want. In fact, here are the most common types of finishes that you’re likely to find in the market.

Eggshell Paint Service Hawaii


It’s called the eggshell finish because it actually resembles the surface on an eggshell. It is a common type of finish because it’s contemporary and safe. So, if you ever find yourself being confused about which finish to opt for, the eggshell finish is your best bet. You simply cannot go wrong with it.

Now, eggshells aren’t too glossy. However, they do have a certain sheen. Also, eggshell finishes are easy to clean making them a maintenance-friendly option as well.

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Flat finishes, as the name might indicate, are known for their smooth and uniform appearance. They make a perfect option for rooms that are on the formal side of things. This would, typically, include dining or living rooms.

Flat finishes are also known as matte finishes and their identifying characteristic is that they aren’t reflective. Now, that might not seem attractive to some people. However, the benefit of such a finish is that imperfections on the surface remain hidden.

Also, flat finishes don’t require too many coats to provide a high-quality appearance. Other than that, they are also easy to touch-up because the difference between the touched-up areas and the originally painted areas are barely noticeable.

Semi Gloss & Gloss Painting Services Hawaii


Semi-gloss/gloss refers to a highly reflective paint finish. However, semi-gloss isn’t as shiny or reflective as gloss and that’s where the “semi” prefix comes in. But, the purpose behind both variations remains the same – they provide a reflective, shiny surface. This can brighten up a room and create a positive atmosphere.

Very often, light shades or whites are painted with a semi-gloss or gloss finish to make them look livelier. Semi-gloss or gloss finishes are also commonly used in areas with high humidity, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. This is mainly due to the fact that they are resistant to moisture.

However, one drawback is that gloss/semi-gloss finishes make imperfections more noticeable and more coats are required to achieve a uniform and smooth appearance.

Semi Gloss & Gloss Painting Services Hawaii


Satin finishes are the most common type of finish and they are often the number one choice for interior and exterior application. They are quite similar to eggshell finishes and are often selected for areas with considerable traffic. This, typically, includes hallways, children’s’ rooms and family rooms etc.

Satin finishes are also effective at resisting mildew and are relatively easier to clean when compared to eggshell finishes. You have to just wipe or scrub mildly to get rid of stains.

When it comes to exterior painting, satin finishes are normally used on sidings that are in decent condition. Other than that, you can also paint shutters and trims. Satin finishes are good at resisting water and don’t easily fade when exposed to sunlight. So, on the whole, an effective option for exterior painting.

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