Exterior Painting – Prepping Your Home Before Painting

Things you need to know before getting your home’s exterior painted in Hawaii

Painting a house’s exteriors is necessary. However, it’s a complex task and requires a lot of preparation. Professional painters will often take care of all the preparation themselves, but, there are a few things you need to know as well (as a home-owner).

If you’re wondering what you need to do, don’t think too much. We’ve got you sorted with this list of helpful tips to let you know what we’ll be doing when you hire us.

Clean Up

The first and most basic thing to do before any major paint job is to scrape and clean the surface that is going to be painted. In fact, exterior surfaces require a lot more cleaning. In order to clean up the exteriors of your home properly, we’ll have to use a pressure washer and a good detergent.

If you choose to do this yourself, make sure you select the right nozzle for your pressure washer. If the stream is too concentrated, it can cause damages, especially on wood. You can actually end up breaking windows too.

If the paint isn’t excessively flaking or peeling off, you can simply wash it all off using a regular garden hose and a scrubbing brush. As for ideal cleaning agents, go for TSP or Trisodium Phosphate.

Mildew can be removed using a detergent that contains mildewcide or a mixture of water and bleach. Always stick to the instructions mentioned on the cleaning agent’s packaging.

Lastly, rinse the surface after scrubbing and cleaning to get away residual dirt.

Scrape The Left-Over Paint

There’s bound to be some paint left over even after the scrubbing and cleaning are done. The only way to remove the leftover paint is by scraping it off. However, don’t go overboard. There’s no need to remove every bit of paint.

The little that’s still left over can be painted over. It won’t be noticeable.

Fix Problems

Cleaning and scraping are just the beginning. You also need to make sure that the exteriors of your home don’t ruin the painting. So, if there are problems or hindrances, fix them right away. For instance, you might have rust on overhangs, foundations, and sidings. Those will need to be removed,

Similarly, there could also be leaks in the gutters and downspouts. Check to confirm and if there are such issues, you may want to fix them. The same goes for cracks that might be present on the siding. This can be fixed by filling, sanding, and priming the cracks.

We’ll scrub off any mildew and do what’s necessary to prevent it from showing up again.

Finally, you may remove wall-mounted lights, awnings, screens, windows, shutters, address numbers, and mailbox etc. Do remember to turn off the power supply to the removed lights. In fact, even removing the downspouts might be a wise thing to do as painting behind them can be difficult, if it’ll be a different color.

Preparation is a must before painting. Plus, the results are bound to look better.

We, here at Freshcoat Painting, will take care of all of this. Call us today at (808) 425-9262 for a free esitmate for a full-service Hawaii house painting.

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