Things To Do To Prep For A Paint Job

So, you’ve decided to get your Hawaii house painted? Well, that’s great. There’s nothing like having your house look new after a fresh coat of paint. Now, painting isn’t an easy job. In fact, it’s a messy job. Even when you’ve got professionals doing the job for you, there are bound to be a few “residual effects” that aren’t exactly positive.

If you want to make sure your house gets repainted without problems, you’ll have to put in some effort from your side. Here are a few preparations that are necessary for any paint job.

Shift The Furniture

Now, professional painters know not to stumble over furniture when painting the house. However, accidents can still happen and furniture can still end up being an obstacle even for the most flexible painters. So, the best solution here is to shift your furniture to another room or position before the painting job begins.

That way, you won’t risk your furniture getting ruined and you won’t have to worry about accidents. If you don’t have enough space to move around the furniture, consider renting a storage unit on a temporary basis. You can also use the storage unit for storing other stuff that might need protection like electronics or household appliances.

Move The Wall Hangings

If you’re going to paint the walls, which is obvious, you will need to make sure there’s nothing on those walls capable of causing problems. This means no wall hangings. Don’t even try risking the whole “paint around the wall hangings” idea.

You aren’t going to save money by doing this and more importantly, it’s going to look bad at the end of the day. There’s also a small risk that one of those wall hangings might just meet with an accident. So, remove them.

It’s far more sensible to just paint the wall completely than to work around the wall hangings. Wall hangings are generally small and it won’t be a problem putting them away for a while in another room or the attic (if you have one). You can even use bubble wrap to protect the more fragile or precious ones.

Protect Your Floors

It’s quite obvious you would want to protect your floors from any possible spills or drips. So, do what needs to be done. Now, professional painters will do this for you. However, you can always take some extra precaution.

One good way to protect floors involves using old newspaper. However, that isn’t going to be enough. Paper is fragile and can always end up getting torn, leaving your floor exposed. So, the best solution would be to use high-grade butyl-backed cloth or canvas cloth. These are very thick and will protect against paint spills. They also won’t let the paint soak through to the floor.

If you can’t get the types of cloth mentioned above, try using any other alternative that’s thick or just stick to using layers of paper.

Clean The Walls

Finally, clean the walls to create a uniform, even surface that’s free of stains. This will result in the paint job looking perfect.

With all that said we, here at Freshcoat Painting Hawaii, will take care of all of this for you when you hire us. We are a full service profssional painting company that wil prep, paint, and protect your property when we fulfill our service to you.

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