How does color affect a room’s size?

How Does Color Affect A Room’s Size?

We are all proud of our home space. After all, it’s home sweet home. But, that doesn’t mean things are always perfect. There’s bound to be some issue or the other. In this blog, we are specifically going to discuss the problem of room sizes or to be more specific, how you can alter the perception of room size using color.

Not all of us have enough money saved up for a renovation. So, the only solution is to come up with smart solutions and adapt. Painting or changing to a new color, in this case, can actually help you create the illusion of space. Here are a few tips to prove that.

Paint A Small Room White To Make It Look Bigger

White is Right!

You’ve probably heard that white can make a room look bigger. Well, it can. When you use white paint, especially for your more cramped areas, you will notice a substantial change in the way space is highlighted. This is because white surfaces are reflective, which means they let the light bounce around. As a result, your eyes are fooled into thinking that the walls are farther than they really are.

So, white would be a great option for small rooms.

Paint A Small Room Light Colors To Make It Look Bigger

Try Out Anything That’s Light

Of course, white may not be an option you necessarily like. It’s effective, but, not ideal for every décor and definitely not everybody’s personal preference. But, the good news is that other lighter shades can provide the same effect as white.

Ideally, this would include taupe, light gray, beige, or pale yellow. These shades are just as reflective, which, as you already know, creates the illusion of space.

To maximize the effect, you can use lighter shades that complement each other. This can create the illusion of an open atmosphere. Additionally, lighter shades are known to also add a certain level of sophistication to any decor.

If you have dark furniture, paint the lower half of the walls darker. This will blend in well with the furniture. You can use a chair rail to help with this. The lighter shades can be used above the level of your furniture. This will help create the illusion of space.

Fix The Look Of A Low Ceiling

Fix the Low Ceiling Issue

If you’ve got a low ceiling, it can make a small room look even smaller and claustrophobic. The only time a low ceiling works well is when you’ve got a loft apartment. However, if you don’t, your best bet is to change the color.

You can try using a glossy or satin finish to bring about the perception of more space. Satin or gloss surfaces reflect light, which, as you know, produces the illusion of space. Plus, the shimmer that’s created when light reflects on a glossy or satin surface can improve your room’s aesthetics.

Make A Small Room Look Big By Eliminating Clutter

Eliminate Clutter

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not asking you to actually get rid of your stuff. What we are saying is you can simply create the illusion of space by de-cluttering your room using color. If there are built-in shelves or cases on your wall, just paint them with the same color as your walls.

You can use dark colors to create the illusion of a tighter space or light colors to create the illusion of more space.

Speaking of space, if you need to reduce the spacey feeling, simply follow the same tips we just discussed. However, use dark colors instead of light shades or whites.

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